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Only the best-quality wreaths, with a variety of hand-tied bows. Suitable for doors, fences and our customers get creative! Mixed wreaths available in the...


Crosses and canes

Our crosses and canes make terrific accents. Many customers like the cross, as it’s a way to keep the Christ in Christmas. The canes...



Our cedar garlands are great for fences, doorways, porches just about anywhere indoors or outdoors. They come in lengths of 10, 25 and 75...

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About JanLar

Fundraising is our business! Since 1986, JanLar has helped hundreds of clubs, nonprofits, church groups and sports teams raise funds with high-quality Christmas arrangements. We use only the freshest bough harvested in Pacific Northwest Forests. JanLar florists arrange the boughs into beautiful wreaths and other products with hand tied bows to make your fundraiser a success.

When it comes to the business side of things, we’re professionals. We advise and coach your leaders and members on best practices for maximizing your income and we complete orders on time. We’ve been doing this for 30 years and we’re experts on helping schools, clubs, youth groups and nonprofits meet their fundraising goals.

The Janlar Crew

We've been helping nonprofits meet their fundraising goals for 30 years. Our crew members are professionals and we want you to succeed.

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"These people treat us more like family than customers. They are very conscientious of their products and service and go the extra mile to insure customer satisfaction. I can say without hesitation that JanLar is the most professional and friendliest company I have ever worked with."

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