How this works in 10 steps


Contact us today.  We’ll want to know the name of your group or organization, where you are located, how many sellers you’ll have, and your fundraising goals.


We provide full color sales brochures for those groups fundraising with JanLar. Typically we’ll send you one per seller and then a few extras. Tell us how many you need and we’ll mail them directly to you.


Pass out sales brochures to your sellers. Checks are made payable to your fundraising group.


Next, we will need to schedule your wreath order delivery for November. We will contact you with information.


JanLar asks that you report sales to date on Monday, October 21st by 5:00 pm!   Simply total each item sold and email your current sales to or phone in your order to 208-761-2503.


Return brochures to sellers and keep selling for a few more days.


Your final order is due Friday, October 25th by 12:00 NOON! On this day you report all your sales. You do not need to order in full cases.


Distribution day – your wreath order will arrive. Carefully fill orders according to each sellers order form.


No money upfront! After you receive your wreath order JanLar will mail you an invoice.


Payment is due within 10 days of invoice to receive free shipping and sales bonus. Contact us for qualification information.